You and your family members are most likely the only ones who know when it’s been a while since any cleaning or chores have been done inside your home. But it’s a different story on the outside, where the condition of your lawn, gardens and property is clearly visible to the public every day. Their overall appearance creates an impression of you in the minds of neighbors, visitors or anyone else passing by, and when they are not kept looking their best, this impression may not be the one you’d like to be sending. Nor is it likely an accurate reflection of your attitude towards the upkeep of your property.

With the fast pace of life today, we at Damato Landscaping understand perfectly how difficult it can be for homeowners to look after all the time consuming and labor-intensive tasks required to keep their property looking the way they would really like. But help is closer than you think! With just a quick phone call or email, you can have our full team of seasoned professionals standing by to help you with all of your property maintenance needs. Whether you have several acres to look after, or just a single tiny lot, we’ll listen closely to your concerns and come up with a detailed and targeted proposal to provide help where you need it most.

Beautiful home with blossoming cherry trees.
Better Landscaping

For commercial properties and condominiums, it’s especially important that the grounds be kept looking well-groomed, tidy and professional, in order to project an air of orderliness and professionalism to your customers or tenants. Damato Landscaping takes great satisfaction in applying our skills to help you keep every inch of your property looking immaculate, so that you can focus on the hundreds of other details involved in managing a business or condominium that need your attention.

Whether you are looking for help just once in a while or on a scheduled ongoing basis, our primary goal is to always exceed your expectations with our attentive and professional approach to getting the job done, as well as our reasonable rates.


Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the beautiful property you’ve always dreamed of and be the envy of your neighbors! Request a free quote today by emailing our team at, or call us instead at 203-286- 8062. We look forward to being able to provide an accurate quote for any of our affordable and professional property maintenance services.


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