Snow can fall for several months during the year, and sometimes it can be ‘wet snow’ that is heavy enough to damage your property as the weight builds up. Even two feet of accumulated snow from different storms can weigh enough to cause problems to your roof, deck, or garage. Most people are too busy to spend all weekend removing the snow from their property, so hiring a snow removal company is a good idea. Here are some ways to know if a snow removal and plowing service is right for you.

  • Residential

Many companies specialize in either commercial or residential services. Makes sure you contact one that provides solutions for your property type.

  • Friends

One of the best ways of finding a removal service is by contacting friends and family about which company they use in the local area. Make sure the business is close to where you live and offers all the resources you need.

  • Insurance

Black ice and slick streets can be a problem for even the most experienced drivers. Before you sign a contract, make sure the equipment and drivers are insured for snowplowing.

  • Equipment

Check out the plows and make sure they are not 40 years old and covered in rust. You need a reliable company that isn’t constantly breaking down.

  • Experience

Don’t be afraid to ask about experience. You can also request references and call a few to make sure the business is good for what they say they will do.

  • Frequency

Make sure you know how often the company will remove the snow from your yard and how much must accumulate before the driver comes out. You can adjust the frequency in your contract.

If you live in a snowy area, you can likely find several companies that are quality snow removal services. Find someone that fits your needs before the next big snowstorm hits.