The winters in Connecticut can be harsh and unpredictable, with sub-zero temperatures and massive snow storms that can make every aspect of your daily routines seem more difficult and stressful. A hefty snowfall can really make it difficult and frustrating for everyone to be able to get safely where they need to be. In addition, today’s erratic winter weather patterns can add to the challenge for homeowners and businesses alike to stay on top of snow removal, particularly in cases where the weatherman has not provided much advance notice!

While you can’t control the roads and highways, you can certainly control the removal of the snow that falls in your own driveway or parking lot. In fact, homeowners and businesses in most areas today have a legal obligation to do so, to minimize the chance of anyone being injured in a slip or fall while walking, or involved in a fender bender or car accident while driving on your property.

snow plow

The team at Damato Landscaping has been providing professional residential and commercial snow clearing services for many years. Our experienced operators use only the best and most reliable equipment and materials to handle clearing your snow. We can also provide other safety-increasing services such as applying environmentally-safe substances that will melt the snow and provide traction on your walkways and paths, decreasing the likelihood that anyone might be injured in a fall.

A simple telephone call or email is all you’ll need to request a free quote, so it couldn’t be easier to find out more about how Damato can handle all of your snow removal needs. Whether you’d prefer to call us every time you need to request plowing services, or would rather arrange a routine schedule for us to plow every time the snow gets deep, you’re sure to enjoy extra peace of mind, knowing that you’ve done everything possible to ensure the safety and convenience of your family and guests or your employees and customers.



Don’t take any chances with the safety of your family, tenants or customers, and minimize the impact of unpredictable winter weather on your daily routines. Get a free quote and see for yourself how affordable our snow plowing services really are. Call 203-286- 8062, or email for all the details.

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